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06 January 2010

Myth busters
 Myth busters

Two young Travellers from Scotland’s Young Gypsy Travellers Lives Project (YGTL) have been encouraging people to look at their attitudes, beliefs and dispel myths on what being a Gypsy or Traveller really means.

Justine Wilson and Fiona MacDonald are two of the YGTL Steering Group who have devised a quiz to stimulate debate on Gypsy and Travellers issues.

Justine and Fiona (above) facilitated the quiz at both the Scottish Governments Race Conference in Glasgow in December and the Respect Me Conference in Glasgow last November.

Since April 2009 the YGTL have been collecting views from Gypsys and Travellers and people who work with them. Their final report is expected late February.

So what king of questions have they been asking? Here's one:

 'Please tell us what you think we, the government and other organisations should be doing to make sure that young Gypsy/Travellers can exercise their rights to voice and opinion on matters that effect them, and to live free from prejudice?'

You can email YGTL at

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