2017 Fair Dates


01 March 2017 / Travellers' Times

17th April Selby Horse Fair

28th – 30th April Kenilworth

11th May Stow Fair

20th May Wickham Horse Fair

21st May Dereham Horse Fair (NR19 2NZ)

2nd -3rd June Epsom Derby

8th-11th June Appleby Horse Fair

15th July Seamer Fair

16th July Dereham Horse Fair (NR19 2NZ) 

27th -30th July Kenilworth

24th August Lee Gap Fair

25th -28th August Eddies Fair

28th August Selby Fair

10th September Dereham Horse Fair (NR19 2NZ)  

17th September Latter Lee

22nd - 24th September Kenilworth

18th or 25th September Stow- (there’s been no confirmation on this yet its normally third Thursday of the month)

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