A People Devoured: The Roma Holocaust


27 January 2017 / Travellers' Times

To facilitate the planned domination of the Aryan race, the Roma people were singled out for persecution and mass elimination on racial grounds under the rule of Nazi Germany. The Porajmos – meaning the ‘Devouring’ in some Romani languages – saw an unknown number detained, enslaved and murdered in a history closely paralleling the Jewish Holocaust. Join a panel of experts for a reflective evening of conversation and film.

This event is chaired by Louise Doughty. Her novel, Fires in the Dark, told the story of a group of Roma caught up in the events of the Second World War and was followed by Stone Cradle, about her own English Romanichal ancestors. Her seventh novel, Apple Tree Yard, was a top ten bestseller and adapted for BBC1 with Emily Watson in the lead role.  Her most recent novel is Black Water (Faber & Faber).

Louise will be joined by Thomas Acton, Valdemar Kalinin and Ruth Barnett.

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