ACERT Mini-Conference and AGM 2017 23rd September

23 September 2017 / Travellers' Times

ACERT Mini-Conference and AGM 2017 23rd September 2017

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The Plowden Report, Children and their Primary Schools was published in 1967, 50 years ago and recommended, among other things, Education Priority Areas and Child Centred Education. The report included an appendix Gypsies and education and advocated targeted interventions and joined-up thinking to make sure that marginal groups were included.

157. The case of the gypsies illustrates another aspect of the policies required in educational priority areas. Improved education alone cannot solve the problems of these children. Simultaneous action is needed by the authorities responsible for employment, industrial training, housing and planning.

174(vi). Authorities and the Department of Education and Science should ensure that the needs of other educationally deprived groups, such as gypsies, which will not be picked out by the general criteria laid down [for Education Priority Areas], are not overlooked.

Bridget Plowden became the first President of ACERT when it was founded in 1973 and remained committed to promoting the education of Romanies and other Travellers throughout her life. The late 60s and early seventies was a period of Gypsy activism, which culminated in the Caravan Sites Act of 1968 and a growing recognition of the rights of Gypsies, Roma and Travellers.

ACERT plans to use the occasion of our 2017 Mini-conference and AGM to reflect on the progress that has been made over the past 50 years, at the same time as recognising how much more needs to be done. 

Please put the date in your diary, and watch this space for updates on speakers.

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