Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions

Q. How do I find out the date and place of a horse fair or other event?

A. All the dates and locations for events and horse fairs that we know about can be found here on our Events page

Q.How do I a book a stall at a horse fair?

A. Travellers' Times does not organise or take responsibility for any of the events publicised, if we have the organisers contact details they will be displayed here on our events page

Q. How do I subscribe to Travellers' Times magazine?

A. You can recieve up to 10 copies of Travellers' Times free of charge. Email your name, address and the number of copies you'd like to travellerstimes@ruralmedia.co.uk or ring 01432 344039. If you would like more than 10 copies for your organisation please contact info@ruralmedia.co.uk for postage costs. 

Q. How do I sign up for the monthly e-newsletter?

A. You can sign up to the e-newsletter by clicking in the sign up box found on the Homepage or Contact Page 

Q. Can I see an online version of the magazine on the website?

A. The magazine is available as a PDF download, it is free and can be found in the Education & Training section of the Services page 

Q. How can I send in a photo/article/event/film/advert for inclusion on the website?

A. You will find a simple upload form on the appropriate page to submit your content to the TT website  

Q. How do I get my organisation included in your Directory?

A. Please email travellerstimes@ruralmedia.co.uk . We will need a logo in jpeg form 129 x 100 pixels, contact details including your website addfress if appropriate, and a brief description of your organisation

Q. How do I find Travellers' Times on social media?

A. You can find us by clicking on the social media buttons found on the homepage or many of the internal pages

Q. How can I find my local Gypsy, Roma or Traveller Organsiation?

 A. You can find Organisations listed by region in our Directory. Organsiations working nationall will be listed in all regions

Q. How do I find services (law,planning,education,health,heritage,arts & culture) in my area?

A. You can find Service Providers listed in our Directory and lots of information and resources on our Services pages

Q. I am a journalist, researcher, film maker or photographer and I am interested in information about or contact with Gypsy and Travellers for a project I am working on. Can you provide me with information and or put me in contact with a Gypsy and Traveller family?

A. If you would like information on or contact with Gypsies and Travellers we would like a written description of your project and its purpose which you can email to travellerstimes@ruralmedia.co.uk .  Most agencies welcome positive interest but are very stretched in terms of time and resources to facilitate contact, which may lead to us being unable to adequately respond to requests of this nature. When requesting contact, please be clear about what the benefits might be for Gypsies and Travellers, in talking to you. You may also find the information you require on our news or blog & comment pages and you can find lots of downloadable resources

Q. I am student and I would like some help with my research?

A. A full recommended reading list for students can be found in our Education section. If the information you require can't be found via our online content then please email travellerstimes@ruralmedia.co.uk for an enquiry form. 


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