Muló Roma Short Film


16 September 2015 / Charles Newland

Muló is a 15-minute supernatural drama set amongst Roma migrants living rough in a hidden makeshift camp on the harsh fringes of London. The men struggle to survive on meagre earnings as the chill of winter bites the air. Nicu, a young Romanian Roma labourer, is desperate to provide money for his family back home, but he has badly injured his foot and can’t work. Florin, the fixer, controls the work and extorts the men for the little they have. As tensions escalate, Nicu witnesses a murder. Trapped in a web of isolation and coercion, he is forced to make a grave decision...with haunting consequences.

Devon filmmaker Nick Cooke is working on a new film project entitled Muló a modern ghost story set within a Roma migrant shanty camp on London’s hidden fringes, and they’ve just launched the crowd funder.

Back in 2013 Nick Cooke shot a film entitled “Miss Todd” it won the student academy award in LA and a number of other student projects he’s worked on have received similar success. You can find out more on Nick’s website. 

For Muló he’s working in collaboration with director Linda McDonald Cairns.

The film explores homelessness, migration and the pressures that drive good people to dark places.

The project was developed by the funding body Film London and the crowd funding campaign will help produce the film.

You can follow Muló on its website, via Twitter or on Facebook, and be sure to check out the Indiegogo campaign to offer your support.

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