The Travelling People 2014

08 December 2014 / Damian Le Bas

On April 17th 1964, the BBC broadcast The Travelling People, the eighth of Ewan MacColl, Charles Parker and Peggy Seeger's innovative 'radio ballads'. It combined the as-yet little heard (on radio and TV) voices of travellers with Seeger and MacColl's memorable music and lyrics.

Then, 50 years to the day, a celebration was held at New Cross Learning featuring Gypsies, Roma and Travellers themselves as well as their supporters, looking at what had changed over that time, while celebrating their culture, their struggle and of course the programme itself.

Three months later an expanded show took place at The Nave with Songlines Choir as the hosts. This film takes a look at both events, and hears from several of the participants.

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