Young Gypsies challenge Notts politicians at election count

23 June 2017 / Anastasia and Ben Bennett

Anastasia and Ben Bennett went along to their local general election count on the 8th June to ask the candidates what they were going to do for young Gypsies and Travellers. This is their film of their visit, with a little help with editing from the TT’s Charles Newland.

“We have both been interested in politics for a few years now, politicians can make a huge impact on everyone's quality of life,” says Anastasia Bennett.

“Both myself and Benjamin have been directly affected by such decisions, with access to health care, accommodation and education. A lot of people in our community have become so disenfranchised with politics and there are many reasons, one of which could be the lack of political representation from our community.”

“Historically the amount of people from within our community that have voted has been low, there are over a million Gypsies and Travellers in this country that are eligible to vote, we would love to see members of our community mobilise themselves and start voting, then we can challenge the discrimination and laws that threaten our cultural way of life.”

“In order to create change in the political system we need to become more involved, if more members of our community became councillors and members of parliament we would develop a voice within the political system.”

“In a few years’ time we will be old enough to vote and directly challenge public perception of Gypsies and Travellers.  We are hoping that young Gypsies and Travellers will watch our film and feel inspired to find out more about politics and become future voters.”

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