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    Romany & Traveller History Society

    Welcome to the first – and still the only – British family history society for people with Romany Gypsy, Traveller and Fairground roots.

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    Romedia Foundation

    The Romedia Foundation is a Romani non-governmental organization based in Budapest, Hungary. We work towards contributing to a positive perception of Romani ethnic identity, combating anti-Roma prejudice, and providing alternative information to policy makers on Roma through the production of films and videos, international multi-media campaigns, and public events

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    Romany Theatre Company

    We are the Romany Theatre Company (RTC). We were founded in 2002 by Dan Allum. We aim to create rich, powerful, and inspirational drama, be it for theatre, television, or radio. Our work is rooted in the culture and experiences of Romany people and focuses strongly on their struggle for equality and challenges negative opinions of them and the lives that they lead.

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Lifestyle, History & Culture 1.56 MB

By Jake Bowers 2009

Migrant Roma in the UK 8.03 MB

Published by University of Salford

Inspiring Traveller Men 3.72 MB

Published by Irish Traveller Movement

Inspiring Traveller Women 1.70 MB

Published by Irish Traveller Movement

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