The Travellers’ Advice Team (TAT)

11 January 2017 / The Travellers’ Advice Team (TAT)


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The answer is when the Government decides they are not.  The new definition of Gypsy and Traveller for planning purposes brought in by the Government since August 2015 excludes those Gypsies and Travellers who have stopped travelling permanently because of age, disability or ill health.  The Travellers Advice Team at Community Law Partnership are very keen on taking challenges to this outrageous change in the definition of Gypsies and Travellers. 

The Travellers’ Advice Team (TAT) at Community Law Partnership (CLP) provide advice and representation to Gypsies and Travellers throughout England in the following areas:-

Evictions from unauthorised encampments;

Evictions from rented sites (local authority, housing association and private);

Serious disrepair on rented sites;

High Court Planning Appeals;

Planning Injunctions;

Stop Notices and direct action;

Homelessness (including for those in houses who need a pitch);

Allocation of pitches on local authority sites;

Cases for boatdwellers especially concerning the Continuous Cruising Guidance.


The Community Law Partnership

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