How to place an ad.



A simple easy way to sell your items, the standard classifed ad consists of one picture and a short amount of text.

The price is £5.00 till the item sells.


Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 12.19.41 (323px * 357px)

To place your classifed click here.



Our premium ads are for companies, organisations or anyone who wants to get their ad noticed. 

Premium ads will be listed seperatly from the standard classifieds. 

The price consists of an ad designed in-house to your specification, with a click through to it's own page with upto four photos and as much info as you can supply.

The price for a premium classified is £50.00.

For click-through example click here.

Example ad listing.

ad12345 (600px * 400px)

To place a Premium Classifed please contact us on:


Phone: 07880 927167


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