GATEHerts 'its my write' competition announces winners!

26 June 2019
girl writing a story with a cup of coffee

To celebrate Gypsy, Roma and Traveller History month community led organisation GATEherts  ran a Its my Write competition inviting young and old to put their pen to paper to create a short poem. 

In the under 18 category the winner was 8-year old Dimey Smith and in the over 18 category the winner was Ellie-may Stevens.

Travellers' Times enjoyed reading the entries and are sure you will too! Check out the winners below. 


I wonder why?

by Dimey smith

Under 18 Category

I wonder why every time I try to be myself; it comes out differently.

I wonder why everybody hates me; I wonder why everybody hates me

I wonder why everybody takes advantage of me

I wonder why everybody thinks I’m not strong

Because they are wrong ……. I am strong

I do know they are wrong …... I am strong

In my heart, I know, I am me

A Gypsy just a girl, Dimey … what else should I be


Springs Alarm

by Ellie-may Stevens

Over 18 Category

Soft light caresses my eyelids

I stir, a deep sigh

Warmth kisses my cheek

I stretch, open my eyes

Music lifts my soul

Singing, a robin, a sparrow?

I rise, pull back the curtain

Sunlight floods the room

Misty dew caresses the green

Life stirs, deep under the earth

Warmth kisses the trees

Bark stretches, buds open

Bird music, blossom singing

Sap is rising, winters curtain is lifted

Life floods the garden

The alarm, mechanical tinkling

No need, I'm awake