Death of Two-Year-Old Remains A Mystery

15 February 2011

The 47-year-old Croydon-based actor was taken into care in the 1950s along with the rest of his brothers and sisters. His sister Alexina died in care aged only two and a half; one of his older brothers remains in care, a victim, claims Peter, of the regime of the time.

Peter also lost his father, Alexander, who died in 1966 aged 33 in Croy in Inverness. The circumstances of Alexander’s death were investigated by police but Peter believes the real truth has yet to be told.

“We were taken into a care system that was brutal. We would have been better off in our camps than in those children’s homes. In some cases dogs were treated better than we were. And baby Alexina was not the only Traveller child to have died in care.”

Peter has met and spoken with many Scottish Travellers and linked up with many more on Facebook, but he has yet to be re-united with all his own family. “In the ‘50s and ‘60s many Travellers families were taken into care and they went through hell. Many never survived. It was a violation of their human rights.

“Dad believed baby Alexina was murdered and there should have been an enquiry: the only justice is when you find out the truth.”

Peter contacted TT “because I want other Travellers to know what we have been through and because, through your magazine, we have a voice.” However he thinks a full investigation may be too late because too many witnesses have since died. “I wonder if now is the time for forgiveness.”