Romani language talk, Q&A and discussion


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Morroco Bound Review are hugely excited to be hosting a talk and discussion with TT's editor-at-large, Damian Le Bas, who is (amongst many other things) author of the book The Stopping Places: A Journey Through Gypsy Britain. The discussion will focus on Romani language but will likely meander across a range of topics - please do come along with questions and thoughts. The event is in person and on Zoom link to register below

About Damian Le Bas:

Damian is also a poet, filmmaker and editor-at-large at the Travellers’ Times. He has written original drama for BBC and independent radio and is a regular contributor to BBC television. He wrote and presented the documentary ‘Searching for the Travelling People’. He has been a regular speaker on British-Romani identity and edited the essay collection All Change! Romani Studies Through Romani Eyes. The Stopping Places was Radio 4's book of the week in June 2018. 

Who can attend?

All are welcome. We very much recommend reading The Stopping Places in advance of the talk but it is by no means a requirement. Anyone interested in language, identity and culture is welcome to join what will be a fascinating, inclusive and eye-opening event."

Damian will give a talk and it will be followed by a Q&A where you are able to voice your opinions/responses/questions. It's a hybrid event, hosted by a bookshop in Bermondsey, but also broadcast online through Zoom.

Totally free to attend! The aim of the talk is to spread awareness/start a conversation. We just ask that attendees sign up here: