Tóme Anoshá - Irish Traveller Led Movement Support & Advice

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Tóme Anoshá is a voluntary organisation committed to the attainment of human rights for Travellers and Gypsies. We are proud to be a Traveller and Gypsy led community development organisation that is approachable and accessible to all. We believe that we must be pro-active if all Travellers are to enjoy equality of treatment and of access.

We therefore espouse an anti-racist, anti-sexist anti-sectarian approach and we reject exclusion on the grounds of disability, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, or age. Tóme Anoshá promotes collective action, participation and community empowerment and gives priority to preventative actions and community development. Our ethos encourages community members to come together to take collective action and generate our own solutions.

We are committed to the realisation, promotion and protection of human rights, community solidarity, democracy, equality, social justice and education of our community members. We intend to work with Travellers to achieve participative democracy, sustainable development, economic and educational opportunity.

Within our community there is a wealth of experience and potential which, when given appropriate support and encouragement, can be channelled into collective action in order to improve outcomes for Travellers. We wish to support our community in such a way that strengths are emphasised, experience is recognised and views and outlook is respected. It is our mission to bring Traveller issues to the attention of the majority population and government bodies and to ensure accountability through activism and cultural awareness.

Our work also includes piloting and disseminating reports, publishing research and making submissions in order to influence policy changes. We intend to develop and deliver programmes which include community development, participation and leadership, Traveller heritage, language and culture awareness, childcare and youth.

We will support Travellers in addressing issues such as education, accommodation and employment also providing citizen information. True to Traveller traditions of collectivism and reciprocity, we work on an entirely voluntary basis and any funds raised is funnelled back into the organisation for delivering community projects and events. We operate on a co-operative basis, all as equal partners with equal value.



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